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Become Knowledgeable on Cloud Finance Concepts & Trends

Become Knowledgeable on Cloud Finance Concepts & Trends

Wasatch Air’s Introductory Cloud Training Program

Our CPE-eligible Introductory Cloud Training workshop is a program focused on helping accounting and finance professionals better understand the Cloud, its related technologies, and how both impact their client’s businesses. Together, we will discuss examples of Cloud-use cases, the Cloud’s cost components, and the reporting capabilities that allow for efficient Cloud use. Following this training, participants will have a clear grasp of Cloud technologies that will enhance their knowledge of Cloud Finance concepts and trends so they can become improved trusted advisors to clients.

What We’ll Cover

  • Cloud technologies, Cloud market dynamics, & how the Cloud impacts business growth
  • Cloud cost components, best practice financial reporting, and cost optimization methods

Add Another Tool to Your Tool Belt & Become Knowledgeable in Cloud Finance Concepts & Trends

Program Outcomes

This CPE-eligible program is designed to educate participants on Cloud technologies and Cloud use and its impact on business growth. Participants will become invaluable resources to their clients and become familiar with effective cost optimization techniques, ideal Cloud team organization, and cutting-edge training opportunities for their client’s finance personnel.

Schedule a Consultation to Learn More

For the Introductory Cloud Training Program, we will schedule a 4-hour session where your Firm’s professionals will be introduced to and trained on Cloud technologies, Cloud tools, and Cloud cost optimization strategies. After the initial session, at your option, you can participate in 1-hour meetings held every other month to receive regular Cloud updates. Oh, and don’t forget this also counts as CPE!