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How to Build a Full-Service Cloud FinOps Service Line

How to Build a Full-Service Cloud FinOps Service Line

Wasatch Air’s Cloud FinOps Service Line Bootcamp

Our CPE-eligible Cloud FinOps Service Line Bootcamp is a program that teaches your Firm the requirements for running a Cloud FinOps Service Line, working step-by-step through how to build a new Service Line. Participants will also take a deep dive into the financial aspects of the Cloud and be provided with the knowledge, tools, and processes necessary to help their clients understand and optimize their ever-growing Cloud spend while delivering the Firm with a new and highly leverageable revenue stream.

What is Cloud FinOps [Finance + DevOps]?

FinOps refers to the financial management of Cloud resources by finance-led teams. Through Cloud FinOps, finance teams focus on spend accountability and business value optimization to help organizations exert greater control over their Cloud spending and reap better outcomes from that spending.

What We’ll Cover

Day 1: Cloud FinOps Practice & Operating Requirements

  • Components of a Cloud FinOps Service Line & scope of services
  • Ability to create and operate Cloud tools, reports, etc.
  • Proper team structure and skills needed to effectively run a Cloud FinOps service line

Day 2: Cloud Financial Deep Dive & Savings Techniques

  • Deep dive into the Cloud’s financial components and reporting capabilities
  • How to analyze a Cloud environment to identify cost savings and increase ROI
  • Walkthrough of a fully-managed Cloud FinOps engagement

Make Your Firm an Irreplaceable Asset to Clients, Become a Trusted Leader in Cloud Finance

Bootcamp Outcomes

Firms and their financial teams will come out of our bootcamp with the skills and knowledge needed to build and run a successful Cloud FinOps Service Line that will make them an irreplaceable asset to their clients while adding a new high-margin revenue source for your Firm.

Schedule a Consultation to Learn More

For the Cloud Service Line Bootcamp, we will hold 2 back-to-back full-day sessions where Firm personnel will be introduced and trained on the Cloud and how to launch a Cloud FinOps Service Line. After which, we will have a 4-hour meeting held every other month to collaborate and progress the building out of your Service Line. And yes, you can rack up the CPE with this!