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Our Mission

We guide CPA and Advisory Firms to be Cloud Finance Leaders

Who We Are

Wasatch Air guides CPA and Advisory Firms to become Cloud Finance Leaders by utilizing their valuable finance expertise to advise their clients on the Cloud. Through a series of Cloud-centered trainings or bootcamps, finance professionals will acquire a sound understanding of the Cloud and learn how to launch a Cloud FinOps Service Line.

With a Cloud Finance Leader status, Firms will be able to help their clients better understand how Cloud technologies can accelerate business growth and improve their Cloud ROI through the implementation of Cloud savings techniques. This provides Firms with a new and highly leverageable revenue stream.

Our Story

Wasatch Air was founded by Shan Edwards, a CPA and avid trail runner who loves exploring the Wasatch mountain range in Utah.

With over eight years of working in Cloud services, Shan understands the complexities companies face when maximizing their Cloud ROI. His passion for both the Cloud and finances drove him to start Wasatch Air. Shan chose the name as a tribute to the Utah mountains he loves, and to the feeling of being up in the clouds while running in the fresh mountain air.

The team at Wasatch Air is dedicated to helping CPA and Advisory Firms become Cloud Finance Leaders and elevate their trusted advisor status. With years of experience in the industry, we understand the unique challenges finance professionals face when it comes to the Cloud.

That’s why we’re committed to providing expert guidance and support every step of the way, helping you provide business-impacting advice to your clients. Our team has the knowledge and experience you need to help your clients accelerate their business growth through the efficient use of Cloud technologies.

Our Core Values


We are dedicated to helping CPA and advisory firms reach new heights in client engagement and revenue growth. We specialize in finance Cloud-based solutions that enable firms to provide more value-added services, create new revenue streams, and interact with clients in meaningful ways. Just like climbing a mountain requires engagement with the challenge ahead, our training empowers firms to rise to the occasion and create an elevated experience for their clients. Why settle for the ground level when you can reach the summit?



By facilitating engagement between firms and financial professionals, firms can improve how clients perceive them. With the advent of Cloud technologies, firms are now able to interact with clients in impactful ways that can transform their business relationships. This elevates the Cloud Finance Leader status of the firm with its clients.



We empower finance and accounting professionals to excel in the modern business world with our Cloud education. In today’s business world, Cloud technology is critical, and it’s essential that these professionals possess the skills and knowledge to use it effectively. Our training helps finance and accounting professionals gain confidence, make informed decisions, and contribute to their organization’s overall success. We provide the training and tools needed to reach the summit of Cloud understanding and empowerment.