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Stop your clients from

unnecessary cloud spending

Become a Trusted Leader in Cloud Finance

Cloud is the Centerpiece

Cloud technologies have become the centerpiece of our evolution from online shopping and smartwatches to AI. It has transformed the way we work, communicate, and live our lives, making it possible for us to be more connected, productive, and innovative than ever before. Now is the time for finance professionals to capitalize on the revenue opportunities the Cloud presents before they lose their chance.

Cloud Spending is Out of Control

The Cloud, such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, is owned by technical teams. Too often, IT financial management processes fall short when trying to account for the variable nature of Cloud spend. Finance teams often lack the technical understanding to make recommendations for cost savings, while engineering and development teams lack incentives to think financially. 

Without the appropriate tools and governance in place, effective planning, monitoring, and reporting on Cloud spend and performance becomes difficult. Organizations are unnecessarily wasting millions of dollars on the Cloud, and they are looking for solutions to get it under control. The solution is CPA and Advisory Firms.

CPA and Advisory Firms are the Solution

With their financial expertise and unique skillset, CPA and Advisory Firms can gain control of Cloud Finances by helping their clients understand and optimize their ever-growing Cloud spend and drive Cloud ROI.

Wasatch Air teaches Firms how to strategically utilize their trusted advisor status and their core finance competencies to pilot clients on their Cloud journey, while simultaneously creating highly leveraged revenue streams for the Firm.

But I Don’t Understand the Cloud?

Wasatch Air provides training specifically for CPA and Advisory Firms on how the Cloud operates so they can become Leaders in Cloud Finance and help organizations optimize their ever-growing Cloud-spend. Whether through our ongoing Cloud training or comprehensive bootcamps, we will help you become a certified Cloud Finance Leader, which combined with your financial expertise, will make you an irreplaceable asset to your clients.

Which Training is Best For My Firm?

Wasatch Air provides flexible CPE-eligible training offerings to meet your firm’s needs. 

If you are just starting out in understanding the Cloud and want to learn more, we recommend our Introductory Cloud Training Program. However, if you are also interested in determining your Firm’s viability for a Cloud Finance Service Line, in addition to learning more about the Cloud, we recommend our Cloud Strategy Bootcamp.

For those that have already completed the Cloud Strategy Bootcamp or are simply ready to launch a Cloud Service Line, our Cloud FinOps Service Line Bootcamp is the choice for you.

What are our Customers Saying?

“Wasatch Air is Squire’s valued partner in guiding our development of a best in class Cloud FinOps as a Service Offering that provides clients with data-driven insights and expertise to reduce Cloud costs and align Cloud spend with business goals. Our partnership with WasatchAir allows us to build and operate our Cloud FinOps Service Offering with a much smaller team and budget.”

Reuben Cook
Advisory Practice Area Leader
Squire & Company, PC

Our Services

Our Cloud Training workshop is a program focused on helping accounting and finance professionals better understand the Cloud, its related technologies, and how both impact their client’s businesses. We provide examples of:

  • Cloud-use cases
  • The Cloud’s cost components
  • Reporting capabilities that allow for cost-efficient Cloud use

Following this training, participants will have a clear grasp of Cloud technologies that will enhance their Cloud Finance Leader status with their clients.

The Cloud Strategy Bootcamp goes deeper than the Introductory Cloud Training Program, including a detailed analysis of Cloud ROI concepts and an assessment of whether the creation of a Cloud FinOps Service Line is a good fit for your Firm. 

Participants will leave this bootcamp with a strong understanding of Cloud technologies that will enhance their Cloud Finance Leader status with clients. They will also have determined whether their Firm should proceed with building a Cloud FinOps Service Line.

Our Cloud FinOps Service Line Bootcamp is a program that teaches your Firm:

  • The requirements for running a successful Cloud FinOps Service Line
  • Step-by-step assistance through the build of the new Service Line 

Participants will also take a deep dive into the financial aspects of the Cloud and be provided with the knowledge, tools, and processes necessary to help their clients understand and optimize their ever-growing Cloud spend while providing the Firm with a new and highly leverageable revenue stream.

Become a Cloud Finance Leader Today.